Kópia z PUR thermal insulation of trapezoids PURBLOCK TRP

custom made


Quantity: 1 pc (100x100x1000mm)

  • Length: 1000 mm
  • Size: as required
  • coefficient of thermal conductivity λ=0.023 (W/mK) 
    volumetric weight: ~38 kg/m3
  • heat resistance – 30°C to +125°C
  • reaction to fire F (B3)
  • Maximum compressive stress ≥ 150 kPa at 10% depressurization
  • dimensional tolerance +/-1%
7.00 € 10.00 €
excluding shipping cost excl. VAT 5.83 € 700.00 € / 1 m³

PURBLOCK PUR board is characterized by the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity of the insulating materials available on the market. Balanced mechanical properties, dimensional stability, thermal and chemical resistance. PURBLOCK are cost-effective, versatile, strong and durable. All boards have excellent machinability (hand, machine or CNC milling).

PURBLOCK materials are available in slabs or blocks. We can make extra-standard sizes and shapes to order. We offer a complete range that satisfies all the advantages of manufacturers with mechanical strength, heat resistance and of course surface aspect.


  • thermal insulation of buildings, walls, facades, ceilings, columns and attics of buildings.
  • additional insulation of partitions and walls from the interior.
  • insulation of window profiles, external blinds, window sills
  • insulating fillings of doors and structures
  • insulation filling of cardboard boxes and Thermobox pallets
  • construction material in the polyester-glass laminates industry
  • for constructors, designers to create prototypes, models, mock-ups, props, decorations, shapes or 3D advertising.
  • CNC model boards
  • Acoustic / Sound insulation