Acoustic insulation panel PURBLOCK QUT


modern acoustic material of flexible, additionally expanded polyurethane foam.

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color: black/grey

  • has a wide operating temperature range from -40 ̊C to +120 ̊C
  • is a flame retardant - in accordance with the TL1010:2008 standard
  • sound absorption: in accordance with ISO 10534-2
  • dimensional tolerance +/-1%

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Sound absorption coefficient PURBLOCK QUT Soft

Sound absorption coefficient PURBLOCK QUT Hard

PURBLOCK QUT effectively silences rooms acoustically, is environmentally friendly, perfectly isolates vibrations, improves the comfort of life and is easy to install.


  • acoustic insulation of walls and ceilings in rooms;
  • spacers (including: automotive, construction);
  • sound insulation of machines and equipment;
  • damping and anti-vibration packages;
  • sound insulation of doors:
  • thermal insulation.


PURBLOCK QUT can be attached directly to the wall or ceiling using mounting glue. After that, it is possible to stick a surface finish, such as plasterboard, OSB or wallpaper, on the foam installed in this way.
The foam can be safely installed with glue without the need to build a frame.
Using this foam as a soundproofing material will reduce the noise level. PURBLOCK QUT absorbs impacts and air noise.